It’s in a very great working condition. To the right of the Focus button, the AE Lock button locks an exposure reading until the shutter button is fully depressed. These kits rely on a barrel adapter that screws onto the camera’s body threads, providing a set of fixed filter threads ahead of the furthest extension of the telescoping lens assembly. Four main exposure modes offer varying levels of control: The built-in flash features Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Forced, and Suppressed operating modes, with a variable flash intensity setting. Like the S75, the S85 provides that control, but also lets you adjust the actual brightness of the LCD’s backlight as well. While we like to see fine gradations of sharpness control in digicams, we felt that the control in the S85 was perhaps a little too subtle.

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This battery tells you how many minutes are left until the battery dies. As always, we sony dsc-s85 readers that digital telephoto is not the same as optical zoom, and that it causes noticeable deterioration in image quality by adding excess noise and sony dsc-s85 softening the image. The addition of a Mode dial is very welcome, ds-s85 it greatly simplifies camera operation and makes switching between Recording and Playback skny much faster and more intuitive.

PC Magazine reviews Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S85 Review & Rating |

Sony extend 90 sonyy warranty on DSC’s May 31, Twilight, Landscape, and Portrait. It is a bit bulky so don’t expect to keep it in your pants pocket. Wony the LCD display is still required for some sony dsc-s85, overall sony dsc-s85 operation is much faster and easier. Photographer Robert Hall has discovered a quirk about how the live view and EVF on Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras respond when you attach a flash. You’ll have to turn your head to view this sony dsc-s85 way it was intended.

The camera’s ISO sony dsc-s85 offers Auto, or equivalents, increasing performance in low-light shooting situations. The S85’s top panel is more feature laden than its predecessors, with an external flash “cold shoe” no electrical contacts on the shoe, for mounting onlythe camera’s xony, Shutter button, Mode dial, and power switch.

sony dsc-s85 The entire Memory Stick can be write-protected by sliding the lock switch on the stick into the locked position, which also sony dsc-s85 against the entire stick being formatted. I hate questions like that. Safari Download the sdc-s85 version.

Movie and Sound Recording In any of the S85’s still capture modes, you can record dsc-a85 sound clips to accompany images. A set of filter threads just inside the lip of the sony dsc-s85 barrel accommodates Sony’s line of accessory lens sony dsc-s85 kits.

Contact support Contact sony dsc-s85 Sony Support team. Just behind the shutter button and underneath the Mode dial, this switch turns the camera on slny off.

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate sony dsc-s85. Although we wish it came with a 32MB Memory Stick instead dac-s85 a 16MB Memory Stick, which holds only seven images at the camera’s highest-resolution setting, amateur photographers who like to shoot outdoors or with macro won’t be disappointed.

Continuous mode provides a sony dsc-s85 interval of only 0. These kits rely on a barrel adapter that screws onto the camera’s body threads, providing a sony dsc-s85 of fixed filter threads ahead of the furthest extension of the telescoping lens assembly. Located below the Exposure Compensation button, the Focus button cycles between Automatic and Manual focus modes.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S85

Very handy for sunny shooting conditions, sony dsc-s85 at the cost of a roughly 20 percent increase in power consumption. Most 3x zooms show about 0. Having external control over these camera features greatly simplifies camera operation and saves battery power by allowing you to work without the LCD monitor.

The software development kit allows third-party developers to create mobile and desktop apps that sony dsc-s85 control the camera remotely via USB cable or Wi-Fi. At the lower right of the photo, you can see sony dsc-s85 a rubber cover the port for the AC adapter included with camera. Macro mode is engaged by pressing the right Arrow button, which changes the focus range to 1.

Sony DSC-S85 Digital Camera Review: Intro and Highlights

Sony says that you can get as many as 2, shots before recharging. Portrait mode uses a larger lens aperture setting to decrease the depth of field, keeping the subject in sharp focus, with the background slightly blurred.

Writing a TIFF sony dsc-s85 takes considerably longer, locking up the camera rsc-s85 nearly 40 seconds. You can adjust the flash intensity to High, Normal, or Low, sony dsc-s85 the Record menu. Record Mode The zoom controls were fine, though the lens continued sony dsc-s85 move a bit after the button is released.

Overall, the S85’s lens does a great job. The S85’s auto white balance option produced sony dsc-s85 very nicely balanced image here, with just about the right amount of warmth left in the final image to suggest the mood sony dsc-s85 the incandescent lighting.

The best cameras for shooting kids and family must have fast autofocus, good low-light image quality and great dscs85.