Noise levels were reasonable given the resolution of the camera, and you should be able to make 8 x 10’s all the way up to ISO The blue LCD indicates that we’re connected to our router. While in the Program Auto mode and the Aperture Priority mode, you can access the menu and adjust many settings:. To use this tool the way it was designed to be used, you have to decide how much control over the situation you want. The Nikon P3 is as smart as any other Coolpix, but it’s less confining. The Coolpix P3 is also wireless-enabled and will work on The best cameras for parents.

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It weighs g and has dimensions of 92 x 61 x 31mm. You should be able to swap memory cards while the nikon coolpix p3 is on a tripod.

Next you’ll choose a profile for the network or printer to which you wish to connect.

Nikon Coolpix P3 – digital camera review: Nikon Coolpix P3 – digital camera – CNET

Normal mode compensates for mikon shake and Active mode compensates for “more pronounced movements, such as pp3 produced when shooting from a moving vehicle or other unstable platform. There is no evidence of red eye. The Up and Down buttons let you adjust the EV value and a handy, live histogram gives nikon coolpix p3 a little more feedback on the exposure settings. Here, in addition to what you can nikon coolpix p3 in full automatic, you can set the white balance, ISO, and other settings that you find in the Menu like metering type, saturation, contrast, etc.

The port is covered by a plastic cover. Like all compact cameras, the Coolpix P3 has a built-in lens cove so there’s no lens cap to deal with.

You cannot attach an external flash to the Coolpix P3. This week, Chris and Jordan take a break ni,on gear reviews to discuss things you should know to get proper exposure when shooting video. If there’s a particular shutter speed you want to use, select Program mode.

The Nikon Coolpix P3’s 2. The Coolpix P3 controlled noise very well. Nikon coolpix p3 focusing is sharp, especially when the difficult conditions are taken into account. Connecting to the network makes the router connection.

Rhake waterproof pack cooplix Camera Capsule insert nikon coolpix p3.

Nikon Coolpix P3 Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

Movies can be recorded at broadcast quality of x pixels and 30 fps. Included in the Box In the box, along with the camera whew!

Wildlife photographer Jake Davis showed us around Yellowstone during the park’s quiet season before summer, capturing the local residents with the Panasonic Lumix G9. Nikon have built 23mb of memory into the Coolpix P3.

All the normal control buttons can be found on the top and sides of the camera. While the camera has an AF-assist lamp, I was frustrated with the difficulties I had getting the camera to focus in low light situations. Images can be coolpiix directly to a printer or a computer for printing or storage via the P3’s In the continuous mode the Nikon coolpix p3 P3 took four shots in a nikon coolpix p3 at 1.

WiFi drains battery power quickly, so the P3 disconnects as nikon coolpix p3 as the transfer is done. The VR system works in the same nkon that other lens-based stabilization systems do.


This nikon coolpix p3 up the dark areas of your photos at the expense of a little extra noise. You can adjust the brightness and it does gain up or down depending on lighting conditions. May 24, For lining up shots there is a 2.

This list is pretty short because I only included small cameras with lenses greater than 3X or those with Wi-Fi functionality. Features Starting at the 10, foot view, the Nikon Coolpix shoots at 8. nikon coolpix p3

In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for parents, and recommended the best. As always, I recommend a trip down to your local reseller to try out the Coolpix P3 and its nikon coolpix p3 before you ciolpix Another useful feature is nikon coolpix p3 3: Nikon cameras have always let you get close to your subject, and the P3 is no exception.